Walk-In Dynamic Message Signs Completed for Texas Toll Road Authority

Posted by Mike McKay on May 27, 2016 11:10:04 AM
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HOUSTON, TX: Newly installed Energy Efficient Dynamic Message Signs. 

SES America (SESA) and contractor partner Traffic Control Devices, Inc. completed final commissioning of Walk-In Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) for the Harris County Toll Road Authority along Interstate 10 and US 225 to enhance travel time information and alternative routing advice. SESA manufactured a technically advanced, energy efficient LED display, the Messenger 6000, requiring no ventilation or cooling systems, dramatically lessening maintenance and labor costs. Conforming to existing HCTRA standards and requirements, the I-10 signs at Freeport and Dell Dale will consume up to 50% less energy utilizing significantly less tax-payer money over the sign’s life span. Traffic Control Devices' field expertise allowed them to easily integrate the SESA web based software controller system, which was designed for ease of use, diagnostics, and maintenance features for HCTRA. All signs, including the US225 at Georgia Avenue sign, are designed to allow HCTRA employees to enter the sign interior. This feature further enhances the safety and ease of use, as well as eliminating roadway construction work zone slowdowns along the busy I-10 corridor.


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