Solar Weigh Station Display Systems Deployed in Rhode Island

Posted by Carla Suarez on Oct 30, 2019 3:10:33 PM

SES America, Inc. (SESA) has completed the manufacturing and commissioning of solar powered Blank Out Signs (BOS) along Route 6 in Scituate, Rhode Island. This deployment is one of several solar system installations currently being deployed by SESA in the State for ITS equipment intended for Weigh Station and Travel Time applications.  




Solar Powered 'OPEN /CLOSED' Blank Out Signs


The Blank Out SIgns are affixed to a static aluminum panels marking the entrance of weigh station sites.  They are controlled from the weigh station thanks to a radio wireless contact closure communication link incorporated into the system design.

SESA designed, engineered and manufactured each sign to be utilized specifically for the solar applications required under the project, with energy efficiency that sets a new standard for the DMS industry. The end product provides all the functionality and reliability of non-solar powered DMS, while minimizing the size and expense of the solar power system.

With the use of high performance LED’s, SESA Blank Out Signs allow for energy efficiency, increased reliability, visibility, and legibility of all messages being displayed. Their robust NEMA rated housing allows presence in any location or weather conditioning. In addition, their simple draw-latch solution will allow easy access and maintenance to operation personnel.

Changes over the years in LED efficiency has eliminated the printed computer board with SESA's LED string technology. The DOT can now replace LED’s singularly, reducing maintenance costs to cents rather than hundreds of dollars. In addition, the advanced brightness ability in this new design allows for less LED's, driving down costs and providing a greater value-to-reliability ratio. 


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