SESA teams up with Wyoming DOT  to complete Retrofit Upgrades of 43  Legacy DMS

Posted by Mike McKay on Nov 16, 2017 8:55:45 AM
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Wyoming DOT, with SES America has signed a procure and installation agreement to complete new technology Retrofit Upgrades of 43 existing legacy Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) along interstates I-80, I-25, and designated state highway routes.  Spread throughout Wyoming from Yellowstone to Cheyenne, are side of the road DMS with 12 inch characters as well as walk in, over the road DMS signs depicting three lines of 25 characters in 18 inch high character format.


The SESA Retrofit Upgrade will update older signs whose design or functionality has decreased ability yet are fully  capable of state of the art restoration with existing housings.  In addition, SESA will complete a technology transition to WYDOT  fully assisting in the installation and final commissioning of every sign at each site location with WYDOT field ITS personnel to  ensure maintenance and diagnostic expertise along with continued 24/7 support for some of the most remote DMS signs in America. With select signs at over 8,200 feet elevation in constant sub-zero and gale force winds much of the winter, SESA’s web based controller will enable WYDOT field personnel access to each sign wirelessly lessening personnel exposure to both the elements and hazardous driving conditions.

SESA Retrofit Upgrades are the right solution saving more than $1.2 million in sign replacement costs alone excluding installation costs of replacement signage-another $800,000 not spent installing new signs, done in half the time and importantly, not putting WyDOT or contractor field staff at risk, all without road closures to the general public.

Piloted in late summer with a 30 day observation period, all 43 signs will be installed through the remainder of the fall season and completed before the official hazardous winter season.  New sign replacement would have experienced up to a one year completion schedule from contract letting.

In addition, SESA will be installing new DMS signs and structures with the same advanced, energy efficient technology through the Spring of 2018 on scenic Wyoming highways in the Teton Mountains Pass region and along I-80, the busiest roadway in the state, home of the designated Federal Highway Administration automated vehicle active roadway, one of three in America where new technologies are actively employed on a high volume highway.


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