SESA Mobility Products are approved by Massachusetts DOT

Posted by Emily Boissonneault on Mar 6, 2017 10:42:44 AM

SES America Inc.(SESA), a Rhode Island-based manufacturer of digital, LED signage for the transportation industry has been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation for their Blank Out and Lane Control Signs.  These models are now included in the MassDOT Qualified Traffic and Control Equipment List under Section 824: Flashing Beacons, Illuminated Warning Signs, and Lighted Barrier Arrows.

SES America specializes in the manufacturing of Dynamic Message Signs and smaller scale signage as part of their Mobility Product line. This product line includes Blank Out Signs (BOS), Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS), Lane Control Signs (LCS), and Travel Time Signage, and focuses on pedestrian and vehicle detection, traffic calming, way finding, warnings, intersections, and much more.

SESA’s Blank Out Signs offer customized solutions to meet the needs of a wide variety of project specifications with cost effective and efficient solutions. Each sign is capable of displaying multiple phases of both text and graphics messages, in any color and any size. The Mobility Product Line also includes SESA Lane Control Signs (LCS), which are unique in their capability of providing intelligence via NTCIP reporting when linked with SESA’s SCU6 full color touch screen controller. When used in conjunction with the SCU6 the features of the LCS are expanded to also include control of multiple signs via a single interface, monitoring of component faults/failures and conflict monitoring of each symbol to ensure conflicting lane access symbols are not posted.

LCS front.pngLCS symbols.png


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