TXDOT and SESA Complete Retrofit Upgrades in San Antonio

Posted by Mike McKay on Mar 14, 2018 10:10:00 AM
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SESA has partnered with TXDOT Traffic Operations and the Levy & Company electrical contractor,  to complete Retrofit Upgrades of 6 Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) placed at off ramps along major freeways in the San Antonio metro area. These 'Type 3' retrofit signs depict two lines of 15 characters in an 8 inch high character format.


 Type 3 Retrofit Upgrade in San Antonio


Originally installed in the 1990’s, Type 3 signs serve as brief, traveler information advisory notices prior to exiting the freeway.  All major freeways in San Antonio are coupled with frontage roads often utilized for alternative routing in the event of freeway mishap or closure, thus these signs may reflect the frontage road traffic condition or suggest alternative off ramps to utilize. At a lower installed and operating cost, these Type 3 signs are informational supplements to the larger, over- the-road dynamic message signs.

“Each sign took 3 hours to retrofit and the entire process went very smoothly. Overall, TxDOT was pleased with the project". said Stephen Schoenert, SESA Field Technician. "SESA's involvement in this project demonstrates our capability to update even the smallest of signs not to mention the tremendous benefits of retrofit upgrade to either replace older technology or to update troublesome signs." 




Examples of signs with two lines of 15 characters, 8 inches high 


SES America is an ITS-only manufacturer of messaging solutions for American streets and highways since 1986. Long considered the innovation leader, SES America is a solutions first, service focused supplier of the most advanced, energy efficient designs in USA and North America.


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