Missouri DOT Employs Energy Efficient SESA Travel Time Signs

Posted by Mike McKay on Apr 3, 2018 8:53:14 AM
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Along Highway 49 near the Highway 71 north exit just outside of Kansas City, new SESA energy saving travel time signs with adjustable vision enhancements have been installed in March. 

 Missouri Travel Time

Travel time signs in Kansas City, MO 


These 2-3 character M5000 Series signs will accurately display real travel time information along two differing routes to downtown Kansas City further enhancing deliberate traffic flow decisions while creating better traffic flow. Maybe more importantly, will reduce the use of a smart phone while driving searching for alternative routing options and comparing travel times.

These travel time signs also utilize, SESA Pivot Design, capable of adjustment to increase visibility when slight road variations, both multi-lane and topographical, may hamper long range vision.  In the case of this application, a 2 degree horizontal pivot is employed creating a fuller, more accurate field of vision to all motorists. Next travel time project will be in a work zone application along i-470.

A big thank you to MoDOT’s KCScout traffic operations division for employing this SESA innovative design option on a very important Kansas City multi-lane roadway, and to Capital Electric of Kansas City for teaming with Stephen Schoenert, SESA technician on a flawless installation.



SESA Travel Time Signs with pivot design in Massachusetts


sign 1

SESA Travel Time Signs with pivot design in Massachusetts


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