Dynamic Messaging  Retrofit Technology in Carrollton , TX

Posted by Mike McKay on Aug 4, 2018 11:03:33 AM
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SESA has partnered with Traffic Control Devices Inc. and TXDOT to complete Retrofit Upgrades of 5 Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) in Carrollton, TX. Southbound Interstate 35E (at the Whitlock lane exit in North Texas) is the first of five installations to be completed by September this year and one of over 250 installations around Texas in the last 5 years. 


Retrofit Upgrade along IH35E-Whitlock SB


These retrofitted signs depict three lines of 18 characters in an 18 inch high character format and utilizes an energy efficient technology of smart electrical design and surface mounted LED’s using up to 50% less energy.

Motorists in Texas will now have an improved commuting experience with more vibrant and visible dynamic message signs thanks to the state-of-the-art display stem without cranes, traffic control and extended labor costs of a typical new installation extending a cost savings of over 50% of a new sign installation, without the disruption to the public. Numerous retrofits have already been performed in other parts of Texas that amounted to savings of up to $8m.



Retrofit Upgrade along IH35E-Whitlock SB - 3 lines of 18 characters, 18" high


While others only offer replacement of the sign controller, SESA provides a full retrofit package solution allowing the DOT to upgrade the entire DMS with a technically advanced, energy efficient LED display and will consume up to 50% less energy utilizing significantly less tax-payer money over the sign’s life span. 


SES America is an ITS-only manufacturer of messaging solutions for American streets and highways since 1986. Long considered the innovation leader, SES America is a solutions first, service focused supplier of the most advanced, energy efficient designs in USA and North America.


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