Cedar Park Improves School Crossing Warnings with Multi-Phase Blank Out Signs

Posted by Mike McKay on Dec 14, 2018 10:51:34 AM
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Cedar Park, 16 miles to the Northwest of Austin Texas,, recently explored strategies to improve major school crossing safety at key crossing hours, morning and afternoon. As a result, the Public Works Department implemented at the intersection of Lakeline Blvd and Cougar Country Blvd, multi-message blank out signs to support the crossing guard responsibilities in this area which serves three different schools and their respective routes through this intersection.





SESA's multi-phase and single-phase LED signs, employ both "Turning Vehicles Yield to Pedestrians” messages (both left and right) for green light traffic as well as “No Turn On Red” regulatory sign phase to further reinforce vehicles not turning during the stop phase of the signal, at some locations. The coordinated use with the traffic lights enhances awareness to motorists improving the safety for both the students and the crossing guard entering into the intersection.

The LED light technology employed is referred to as “string technology” allowing for very simple maintenance and quick repair with any spare LED’s kept in the sign itself also eliminating expensive custom printed circuit boards needed for multi message designs.

A local Austin broadcasting station, KVUE, aired a 2 minute feature on the job of a crossing guard shot at this busy intersection with these LED signs in the background in several scenes.




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