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Phil has been working for the SES group since the early 2000’s; he has extensive and valuable technical experience as an electronic engineer and as a project and business unit manager. Phil earned an executive MBA from the University of Tours, France and Chicago, IL in 2011. Prior to joining SESA, Phil spent 10 years working around the world for a large electrical contracting group. He spent most of his time in Asia and the Middle East before moving to the US in 2006 and starting FDS, which eventually became SES America. Phil enjoys sailing, especially in Newport, RI and he is always ready to discover new countries and cultures. Despite this worldliness, Phil’s favorite hobby now is staying at home and taking care of his family. Phil can be reached at and his cell phone number is 401-585-7026.
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New Variable Speed Limit Signs  in Wyoming

Posted by Phil Perut on Nov 14, 2017 1:52:59 PM


SES America, Inc. and partner successfully commissioned and installed  Variable Speed Limit Signs on the I-25 south of Sheridan, Wyoming and will help improve safety by adjusting the speed limit to the weather conditions. The state of Wyoming receives a large amount of snow every year and reducing the speed under harsh conditions has a direct positive impact on road safety.

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Topics: Mobility, Traffic Control, Dynamic Message Signs, Variable Speed Limit Signs

First DMS for Regina Bypass Project  Successfully Completed

Posted by Phil Perut on Oct 12, 2017 11:30:21 AM

SESA Messenger S eries

SES America, Inc. is proud to announce the recent completion of manufacturing and delivery of its Messenger Series Dynamic Message Signs for the Regina Bypass project in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada

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Topics: Traffic Control, DMS Messenger 6000, Dynamic Message Signs

SESA Completes Installation of  Largest Walk-In DMS in New York

Posted by Phil Perut on Jul 17, 2017 9:53:51 AM

Largest M6000 ever

SES America succesfully delivered an immense Walk-In Messenger 6000 in Buffalo, NY . This full matrix DMS is 36.5 ft long and 7.11 ft high with a display matrix of 28 x 160 pixels and a pitch of 66 mm, making this type of DMS one of the largest ever commissioned by the company. 

This DMS is equipped with an access door for ease of access and maintenance to all componentsAll components are rated to operate in very harsh environments and extreme temperatures. It also has high performance LEDs allowing for better visibility of messages displayed.

The use of high intensity LEDs and highly efficient power and control components are part of the Messenger series’ overall system aimed at eliminating the need for expensive cooling systems and reducing maintenance costs, while providing 30% greater energy efficiency than the industry standard.

SESA also provided controller cabinets with the latest version of the SCU6 controller, specifically designed to meet DOT requirements. Like all of SESA products, this DMS is fully NEMA TS4 and NTCIP compliant. SESA technicians and customer service team provided assistance to contractor during commissioning and installation. 

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Topics: Grid-Powered DMS, DMS Messenger 6000, Dynamic Message Signs, NTCIP

SESA Deploys Massive DMS to Canada

Posted by Phil Perut on May 8, 2017 12:30:04 PM

A  Wide Messenger 6000

As part of its multi-year contract with the City of Calgary in Canada, SES America recently delivered a massive 27.5 ft long Messenger 6000. This full matrix DMS installed on the Deerfoot Trail replaces an older obsolete DMS. It was successfully integrated with the city's NTCIP traffic managment software and is capable of displaying large font and graphics. SES America provided assistance and training during the sign installation and a continuous customer support since then.

This large DMS is equipped with 9 front access doors to guarantee ease of access and maintenance to all components. All components are rated to operate in very harsh environments and extreme temperatures. SESA also provided the controller cabinet with the latest version of the NTCIP SCU6 controller . Like most of SESA's projects, remote testing was conducted prior to delivery. SESA also provided remote access to the sign for the City to test and display messages while under testing at its facility in Warwick, Rhode Island. This integration was coordinated by SES America's customer service team.


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Topics: DMS Messenger 6000, Dynamic Message Signs, NTCIP

MassDOT gets new DMS for RT 24

Posted by Phil Perut on May 8, 2017 9:20:24 AM

New Messenger  6000 series

SES America and partner, successfully installed and commissioned several Dynamic Message Signs on RT 24 between mile marker 10, and 27 in Massachusetts. These signs will provide traffiinformation on this busy road between the Boston area and Southern Massachusetts. They are installed close by to other SESA signs used to display travel time information as part of the "Go Time" project .

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Topics: DMS Messenger 6000, Dynamic Message Signs, NTCIP

SES America is proud to announce its ISO 9001 certification

Posted by Phil Perut on Mar 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM

SES America, Inc. is proud to announce that it is now ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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